Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Questions You've Never Asked

Maybe you never thought to ask. Or maybe you were too busy considering other questions, and searching out their answers.

One way or another there are questions that haven't been asked, that are worth asking. There are mysteries full of meaning right before our eyes, and under our noses, that beg the question. For instance:

·         Why do we have a seven-day week?
·         Why are there such diverse languages in the world?
·         Why do people wear clothes, and eat meat?
·         Why after all this time is the "Missing Link" still missing?
·         Why do people die? (And by the way, then what happens?)

If you peel the onion that far, it then becomes personal, and important for us to find the answers to what comes up next!

·         Is there a God?
·         Does He care about me?
·         If God's loving, why do I have so many problems?
·         Why does it seem that bad things happen to good people?
·         Other than my own plans -- which often fall short -- is there a plan for my life?

TOO DEEP FOR ME. But before you drop this newsletter and head out for a latte with your 'to-do' list -- what if you knew? What if you had answers? Would that make a difference? Would it ease your mind, and reassure you when you're afraid, or confronted with life's reversals? What if you found peace and joy in it?

Someone has answers: The One Who made the deaf hear and the lame leap like a deer . . . Who announces good news to the poor . . . Light for those who sit in darkness . . . Life for those living under the shadow of death . . . forgiveness for sins and eternal salvation in a concrete, real-time, truly present peace with God.

While we're at it, why has Jesus, the Jewish Carpenter of 2000 years ago from the small-potatoes town of Nazareth, become the most beloved, most despised, most controversial, most revered, most pivotal and consequential person in all of history? Why not come and see?

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